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elderly couple with the doctor


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5 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Homecare


For many families, knowing when their aging loved ones need more care at home can be challenging. Although a lot of the changes which come with aging can be seen, other signs are not easy to notice. Fortunately, Royal Home Caregivers is here to offer support for seniors who choose to stay in their homes. If you see any of the following signs, it might be time to consider home care for your loved one:

  1. Poor Hygiene

    Although taking a bath everyday is not a requirement for seniors, baths keep them clean as well as help them prevent skin and urinary tract infections. However, your loved one may no longer care about bathing or cleaning themselves because of fatigue, pain, and other reasons. Hiring a caregiver helps your loved one make bathing a regular routine. Also, the caregiver can use warm washcloths for wiping skin folds to reduce body odor in between full baths.

  2. Frequent Falls and Injuries

    Trips and falls can happen to anyone but these can be more common in seniors than younger ones. There are many causes of falls among seniors such as the side effects of their medications, declining physical health, impaired cognition, and more. If your loved one tends to experience frequent falls and sustain related injuries, this should tell you it’s time to arrange help for them.

  3. Medication Mismanagement

    Many seniors take multiple medications which increase their risk of forgetting to take them or overdosing. Taking their medications as prescribed is important for their recovery. Hiring one of our caregivers in Alberta, Canada ensures that someone is there to give reminders to your loved ones when taking their meds. Proper medication management helps your loved one stay on track with their treatment plan.

  4. Depression

    Seniors who live alone are prone to isolation, which could lead to depression. Such feeling can be strong if your loved one has recently lost an important person in their life. With homecare in Alberta, Canada, your loved one has somebody to talk and share their feelings with. Our compassionate caregivers offer companionship to help seniors prevent loneliness and isolation.

  5. Medical Conditions

    Seniors usually experience new health issues which impact their ability to stay independent. For instance, arthritis can make it hard for them to perform some tasks such as using kitchen utensils, cleaning their house, or opening containers. Also, incontinence is likely to interfere with your loved one’s comfort. Evaluate how your loved one’s health concern has affected their way of life to determine the kind of help they need.

    If you think your senior loved one cannot live comfortably and safely on their own, consider non-medical homecare in Canada for them. Our caregivers can assist them with a variety of tasks such as managing personal care, housekeeping, and offering transportation to and from medical or personal appointments. Give us a call today and learn more about the care options we have for your loved one.

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