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elderly couple with the doctor


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Fun in the Sun: The Best Summer Activities for Seniors

June 21, 2019

Enjoying time outdoors when the weather is at its finest isn’t just a pleasant experience; it offers some very real benefits to seniors. For starters, sunlight is one of the best sources of valuable vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, which is essential for strong bones. Plus, vitamin D has also been proven to protect you from a variety of health issues like the flu and some cancers, improve brain health, strengthen your immune system and help you maintain your mobility. Being outdoors offers other benefits, too. Getting out into the fresh air can boost your mood and provide plenty of opportunities to help you stay socially and physically active, which are key elements in healthy aging. Senior Activities for the Summertime When the heat is on, it’s important... Continue reading »

The Dangers of Senior Isolation

May 5, 2019

There’s no question that humans are social creatures and that today’s technological advances have made it easier than ever to connect with each other. A couple of taps on a smartphone and you can see the face of a loved one on the other side of the world. A quick email or text elicits an immediate response. We may be more connected, but studies show we lonelier than ever. Learn more about chronic loneliness in Canada and how it negatively affects the health of seniors. CHRONIC FEELINGS OF LONELINESS ON THE RISE John Cacioppo, the director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and author of Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection (W. W. Norton & Co., 2009) defines loneliness as the “perceived social isolation, or the... Continue reading »

15 Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

April 18, 2019

Sleep hygiene is a way of describing your regular habits related to sleep. It encompasses both your sleeping environment and your daily practices around going to bed. Sleep hygiene is important because it can directly affect the quality and quantity of your sleep. By choosing good routines, you can make it easier to slip into deep, peaceful sleep. And by avoiding bad habits, you can help prevent the roller-coaster ride of struggling to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night without being able to get back to bed. While having good sleep hygiene doesn’t ensure that you’ll sleep well, experts are generally in agreement that it’s one of the best and easiest ways to promote top-notch sleep and avoid insomnia. What Are the Key Elements of Sleep Hygiene? There are... Continue reading »

When a Loved One is Terminally-ill

April 11, 2019

Life will never be the same for people who are told that they are in their last days. Suddenly, every moment becomes precious, and it’s both heartbreaking and comforting to know that soon they’ll be in a far better place with no illnesses or woes to pester them. And now in their final moments, here are some things you can do before they leave for a better place. 1. Seek to mend old wounds. 2. Say the things you need to say. 3. Learn to accept. 4. Be with them always if possible. 5. Openly say words of affirmation. #seniors #TerminallyIll... Continue reading »

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