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elderly couple with the doctor


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elderly couple with the doctor


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How to prevent falls at home

April 1, 2019

The thought of falling at home can be a worry for both you and your family. And with the World Health Organisation (WHO) reporting adults over the age of 65 suffer the greatest number of fatal falls, it’s understandable that you might be anxious about falls. Experiencing a fall can not only result in injury, but it can also lead to a loss in confidence and reduced independence, as you begin to fear moving around and doing things for yourself, as well as the likelihood of hospital admissions that could have been avoided. Luckily, there are some easy lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk. Some simple and straightforward measures can drastically reduce your likelihood of falling in your own home, ensuring you stay safe and helping you feel more confident as you move... Continue reading »

The importance of social interaction

March 31, 2019

As you get older, socializing, staying active and maintaining hobbies are all key to a happy, more fulfilled life. At Royal Home Caregivers, we are here to help It’s a sad fact that, as you get older, you can become more vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. In Alberta,many people over the age of 75 live alone, with the majority of older people reporting they can sometimes go for up to a month without speaking to a friend, family member or neighbor. Social isolation can happen for a number of reasons, such as the death of a spouse, retirement, disability or illness meaning it becomes harder to leave the house. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: feeling alone can lead to depression and anxiety, as well as decreased physical health and well-being. However, it... Continue reading »

How to recognize that your parents are getting old

March 22, 2019

The decision of sending your old parents in a care home or providing continuous care such as live-in carer is always difficult for the whole family. The elderly people find it difficult to to accept any changes especially a significant one like moving into a care home or hiring a live-in carer can be a quite a challenge. It can be also awkward for their loved ones because they feel it is a big step for the whole family. How shall we behave in such circumstances? We definitely need to remain calm and think things through to find the best solution for all in this situation. It is worth to ask yourself and the potential resident of the care home some detailed questions that should help to make the right decision. Changes can be difficult. Moving into a care home makes older... Continue reading »

6 ways to reap the health benefits of a spring tune-up

March 17, 2019

Here are six ways to reap the health benefits of a spring tune-up: 1) Get out in the garden. Gardening is an activity that promotes overall health and quality of life, physical strength, fitness, flexibility, cognitive ability and socialization, according to McMaster University. 2) Soak up warm sunshine safely. Spending time outdoors in warm, sunny spring weather improves mood and cognition, reported a Psychological Science study. Moderate exposure to sunlight for older adults, who are at risk for low vitamin D, strengthens bones and may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, hip fractures, stroke and heart attack, according to Cleveland Clinic. It also protects against depression and insomnia. Wear sunscreen, a wide brim hat, long sleeves and sunglasses to avoid too much sun... Continue reading »

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