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How to Pay for Home Health Care via Reverse Mortgage

June 11, 2018

Sometimes, seniors fall short with their preparation for their retirement. No matter how much they anticipate, there are cases when they are unable to afford paying for caregivers in Alberta, Canada for themselves. According to Genworth's 2017 cost of care survey, the monthly rate of a home health aide alone is more or less $4,000. As for homemaker services, you will have to spend more than $3,000 monthly. Even if seniors rely on government programs to help with the cost to some extent, receiving ongoing care may still be difficult. However, it isn't entirely impossible to cover the cost. Numerous payment solutions are being offered nowadays to seniors, who have problems paying for their long-term home care. One idea that seniors can think about is reverse... Continue reading »

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Why We Love Home Care

May 17, 2018

Once we know that our parents cannot live without any supervision and assistance, we immediately look for a retirement home to choose. We understand that most of the patient’s children opt for this choice because it is the most popular option out there. But that is not the only option. There has been a lot of demand for home care. It has become one of the fastest growing industries in our market. Royal Home Caregivers, providers of home care in Alberta, Canada, lists reasons why home care became loved by patients and providers: Low cost Although money is not the primary reason why older adults and their family prefer home care, it still drives the clients to transfer to this service. Putting elderly family members in nursing homes give them quality care. However,... Continue reading »

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Home Care Agencies

April 19, 2018

It’s heart-wrenching to witness the struggles of our aging relatives. Sometimes you just don’t realize the challenges older adults face until you’re actually there to witness it; until you’re actually living with these people and seeing what they have to go through each and every day. While you do your best to help them out, you’ll notice how apparently lacking you are in the knowledge and the skill when it comes to caregiving. While your winging it is admirable, you know your loved ones deserve better. You know they deserve to remain and recover at home while being cared for by experienced and highly trained caregivers, those of whom employed by reputable providers of Home Care in Alberta, Canada such as Royal Home Caregivers. A quality home care agency has all the... Continue reading »

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How Can a Homecare Institution Help Relieve Age-Related Disease?

March 27, 2018

A homecare institution is established to help individuals who are in need. It is composed of healthcare experts who wholeheartedly serve the people with health and medical necessities. The following are a few of the many age-related diseases that a homecare institution seeks to help out: Arthritis. There is no denying that elderly people do experience this condition. Because of arthritis, an elder may experience difficulty in walking or a decrease in mobilization. They might find it difficult to walk long distances because of pain. However, with the help of a homecare institution, your loved ones will have an assistant to ensure that they can confidently and safely walk in any distances. Cardiovascular disease. This is one of the deadliest diseases that mostly affects... Continue reading »

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