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elderly couple with the doctor


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elderly couple with the doctor


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Why We Love Home Care


Once we know that our parents cannot live without any supervision and assistance, we immediately look for a retirement home to choose. We understand that most of the patient’s children opt for this choice because it is the most popular option out there.

But that is not the only option.

There has been a lot of demand for home care. It has become one of the fastest growing industries in our market. Royal Home Caregivers, providers of home care in Alberta, Canada, lists reasons why home care became loved by patients and providers:

  • Low cost

    Although money is not the primary reason why older adults and their family prefer home care, it still drives the clients to transfer to this service. Putting elderly family members in nursing homes give them quality care. However, there are also services that may not be needed but you continue to pay for them anyway.

  • Familiarity with the environment

    Most relatives and family members choose nursing homes because they believe this institution can answer the medical needs of their family member. Although we cannot question the expertise of the staff as well as the quality, we fail to give our seniors the feeling of familiarity.

    Nursing homes have a variety of patients. This may cause confusion to your parent. Other than the conditions of other patients, they may also be disoriented because the environment is not familiar to them.

    Unlike nursing homes, home care gives the patient the treatment and assistance they need in their own home.

  • Family involvement

    We all want to care for our older family member. Except, we fail to do so because of other matters we need to attend to. Home care allows you to provide your loved one with their necessary care.

    Like in our service, our caregivers in Alberta, Canada cater to the needs of their patients in times their family members cannot care for them. But since the patients are in their home, family members can interact and help with the care whenever they are free. This family involvement cannot be observed if you simply put your parent in nursing homes.

  • Speedy recovery

    Have you not noticed that most patients recover fast when they stay home than in a facility? The environment at homes makes the patient feel that they belong thus they become more active.

    On the other hand, in a nursing home or hospital, patients do not feel like they can move around freely. And staring at a plain white wall will only give frustrations to the patients thus decreasing his or her rate of recovery.

    Nursing homes are not the only options of caring for your elderly. Give home care a try and you will be surprised how well and happy your elderly family member will be given their independence in their own home.

    How do you find home care services? Do you think it is the better choice for your elderly loved one? Let us know in the comment section.

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