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Caring for a Senior Who Suffers from Osteoporosis

January 7, 2019

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that commonly occurs at the senior age. This condition results in a person’s brittle bones, putting them at higher risk for falls and injuries. Thankfully, there are treatments for osteoporosis, which help slow down the decline of bone density, reduce the chances for fractures and injuries, and manage pain brought about by the condition. Since osteoporosis is a sensitive case for seniors, patients can benefit from the regular assistance of their family caregivers or the experienced caregivers in Alberta, Canada. How should one care for a loved one with osteoporosis? Here are tips we would like to share with you: Work on preventing complications With the onset of the condition, it’s very vital for the senior loved one to have regular... Continue reading »

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The 5 Benefits of Home Caregivers to Senior Citizens with Dementia

December 18, 2018

It is not easy dealing with some challenges when it comes to dementia. Our loved ones are not always who they are – sometimes, they merely give us a sense of familiarity. It is important that we always find the best ways to show our love for them, even when they no longer find us familiar at all. In handling certain areas of the disease, home caregivers are a huge help. If you are looking for caregivers in Alberta, Canada, Royal Home Caregivers is here to help you. We specialize in non-medical homecare in Canada to give the assistance your loved one needs. When dealing with trials with a loved one who is living with dementia, here are some pointers why you should turn to home caregivers for help: They can be assisted at the comfort of their homes. Some senior citizens... Continue reading »

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6 Benefits of Choosing Home Care

November 12, 2018

Home care brings many benefits to seniors and families. From knowing that a trusted caregiver is looking after your beloved while you’re away from home to providing companionship for their safety and wellness, home care offers rich resources for your older adult to age in place. When it comes to choosing what’s best for your beloved, Royal Home Caregivers can help. As a provider of homecare in Alberta, Canada, we make it our mission to exceed your satisfaction with our standards of care. To help you understand how we can assist your elders at home, we’ve made a rundown on the many benefits of using our non-medical homecare in Canada: Gives comfortable experiences to age and recover. Many elders wish to spend their retirement years at home. This less-restricted environment... Continue reading »

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5 Tips: When Aging Makes Driving a Challenge

October 16, 2018

Granny, has there been age-related challenges to your driving skills? Does this mean you can’t drive anymore if you’ve been having joint pains or getting blurred vision? Well, there are still ways that you can resolve these challenges. Consider the tips below: Engage in regular physical activity With your doctor’s approval, is engaged in regular physical exercises can help regulate your joints, bones, and muscles. These activities improve your strength so that you can step on the brakes without reacting to some joint pains, or you can easily turn the steering wheel to your desired destination. Get a vision and hearing test The decline in our hearing and vision is just as normal as you approach the advancing years. It’s vital for you to get these tests so your vision... Continue reading »

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