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5 Tips: When Aging Makes Driving a Challenge

October 16, 2018

Granny, has there been age-related challenges to your driving skills? Does this mean you can’t drive anymore if you’ve been having joint pains or getting blurred vision? Well, there are still ways that you can resolve these challenges. Consider the tips below: Engage in regular physical activity With your doctor’s approval, is engaged in regular physical exercises can help regulate your joints, bones, and muscles. These activities improve your strength so that you can step on the brakes without reacting to some joint pains, or you can easily turn the steering wheel to your desired destination. Get a vision and hearing test The decline in our hearing and vision is just as normal as you approach the advancing years. It’s vital for you to get these tests so your vision... Continue reading »

Posted in Aging

5 Tips: How to Handle Family Dynamics in the Midst of Aging

September 5, 2018

The aging years can change the dynamics of your family. If you’re a grown up child of an elderly parent, you must have struggled about how to approach your siblings to ask for help and support when necessary. But you’re not alone in this. As providers of non-medical homecare in Canada, we have been witnesses to these crucial changes. We believe that family members should stand together in the tough times especially when there’s an aging parent to be cared for. Hence, we would like to impart these recommendations on how you can address the changes in family dealings when you have an aging parent to care for. Recognize your fears Witnessing your parents in their aging season can be an emotional moment. Aside from worrying about their health and wellness, you can also think... Continue reading »

Posted in Midst of Aging

Hygiene Care: What Your Senior Loved One Needs

August 13, 2018

A good hygiene is synonymous with good health and excellent wellbeing. Even for a senior person, maintaining good hygiene can boost their emotional and physical wellness. However, as nature would have it, some age-related conditions can keep an older adult from caring for themselves. There’s chronic pain, mobility problems, and physical weakness that potentially prevent an elderly to take care of their bodies on their own. It’s a good thing that caregivers in Alberta, Canada can provide this basic personal care for seniors who are no longer able to do it themselves. Among the hygiene habits that every person, especially homebound seniors, should practice include the following: Bathing For seniors, bathing may not be done daily. The elderly age can limit a person’s... Continue reading »

Posted in Hygiene Care

5 Signs Your Senior Loved One Needs Homecare

July 10, 2018

For many families, knowing when their aging loved ones need more care at home can be challenging. Although a lot of the changes which come with aging can be seen, other signs are not easy to notice. Fortunately, Royal Home Caregivers is here to offer support for seniors who choose to stay in their homes. If you see any of the following signs, it might be time to consider home care for your loved one: Poor Hygiene Although taking a bath everyday is not a requirement for seniors, baths keep them clean as well as help them prevent skin and urinary tract infections. However, your loved one may no longer care about bathing or cleaning themselves because of fatigue, pain, and other reasons. Hiring a caregiver helps your loved one make bathing a regular routine. Also, the... Continue reading »

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